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About Schlossgut Lüll

600 years of history

The castle estate

Built in the 14th century, the castle estate was taken over by the family in 1889 by Constance and Sophie’s great-great-grandfather Heinrich Stauffer. The castle, the historic park and several farm buildings, all of which are listed buildings, are located on 2.3 hectares. Thanks to our cautious care and maintenance of the grounds, almost all areas of the castle estate are still available for festivities today.

Become part of this history!

Become part of this history!

Castle dwellers

Constance Lüll (Management und Winzerin)

  • Fon+49 152 56 33 41 83

Sophie says, “Nobody knows the Schlossgut Lüll wines as well as my little sister. She continues our father’s legacy with great passion while at the same time contributing her own innovative ideas.”

Anna says, “Constance is a real power woman. You can find her everywhere on the estate – but her favourite place is the wine press house. Anyone who ventures into her world of wine is sure to be just as fascinated as I am.”

Anna Wendel (Event Management)

  • Fon+49 157 81 777 912

Constance says, “It was pure luck we found her. Our gem is bursting with energy. Anna will accompany you with dedication on your way to the perfect celebration.”

Sophie says, “Anna keeps on top of every situation and knows all our appointments inside out. That’s why she’s the perfect contact for all initial enquiries.”


Sophie Lüll (Office Management)

  • Fon+49 157 81 777 903

Constance says, “My sister invents not just the most creative wine descriptions! Sophie takes great care of your wine and tour needs.”

Anna says, “Sophie knows the history of the castle estate better than anyone else. Her castle discovery tours are legendary and always bring new facets to light.”

How to find us

Our castle estate is well hidden in Wachenheim in the Zellertal valley, in southwest of Germany. That’s why we are often mistaken for Wachenheim in the Palatinate. So be sure to remember the correct postcode 67591 or use the route planner here.

Schlossgut Lüll in Hauptstr. 41  in 67591 Wachenheim, Germany

Schlossgut Lüll in Hauptstr. 41 in 67591 Wachenheim, Germany

Questions & answers

What does Schlossgut Lüll offer?
We offer you wine from the fifth-generation family winery. You are welcome to enjoy a relaxed glass of wine at our public events. You can find the next dates on the calendar. If you feel like it, come to the wine foyer during opening hours to sample our range. You are welcome to take your favourite wine home with you or order it conveniently via our webshop.
Celebrations in the 1.75-hectare historic park and in the cross-vaulted cowsheds are as unique as you are. Feel free to contact us.
What sort of wines are made in Schlossgut Lüll?
From Riesling to Rosé, from dry to off-dry to full-bodied Regent, the wine cellar has something for every taste in its repertoire. Take a look at our webshop. You can get more information about our wines exclusively during your wine experience at Schlossgut Lüll
What can be celebrated at Schlossgut Lüll?
Over the last 30 years, we have amassed an enormous wealth of experience in planning and organising weddings. We bring routine but also a great deal of flexibility to the exciting planning period, and are on hand to provide our wedding couples with help and advice. However, our castle estate offers even more potential. Thanks to the different rooms and locations on our estate, there is almost nothing that we cannot realise. So feel free to contact us, whether it's a birthday, baptism, company party, family celebration, seminar, workshop or whatever else you have in mind. We are already very excited and look forward to seeing you.
Which wedding ceremonies are possible at Schlossgut Lüll?
In good weather, you can say "I do" to your loved ones under the rose arch at the fish basin. Of course, you can decide for yourself which speakers or ministers will accompany you through the ceremony. Unfortunately, civil weddings are not recognised. Alternatively (often in case of bad weather), a wedding ceremony in the historic wooden barrel cellar is also an option.
Can you simply visit Schlossgut Lüll?
In our event calendar, you will find numerous public events that offer you the opportunity to take a look around the garden, the cowshed and the courtyard. Our favourite thing is to discover the special corners of the castle estate with you. If there are no private events, you can also take a short tour outside on your own. The map will help you find your way around the castle estate.
Are dogs allowed?
We are dog lovers and have several castle dogs ourselves. Dogs are very welcome guests on the over 2-hectare-site. Cool drinks for our four-legged friends are available at the fountain in the courtyard.
Are we allowed to use fireworks?
For the sake of the environment and our beloved four-legged friends, as well as the wild birds, the setting off of fireworks is not permitted.
Are we allowed to throw confetti?
For reasons of sustainability, we strongly request that you refrain from bringing and using confetti or confetti cannons. The release of balloons is also prohibited. Instead, please use environmentally friendly alternatives such as flower confetti and soap bubbles.
When is curfew?
We'd be spoilsports if we restricted you in this respect at your private party. You can dance and party until dawn.

Information for hosts

Are you planning your party at Schlossgut Lüll? We have put together some useful information for you here, such as site plans and a guideline. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.