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Schlossgut Lüll wine

The truth lies in the wine - In vino veritas

Our passion for wine

What makes our wine so special?
It tastes like the sun and joy of life. Like Wachenheim in Zellertal, Rheinhessen. Furthermore it tells of cold, calloused hands after pruning the vine and tilling the soil and of the joy in our winegrowers’ heart at the sight of the delicate blossoms. Not only that, but it tells of the painstaking grape harvest, fermentation with yeast, and the slow maturing in barrels. It calls for celebration, beautiful moments and shared experiences.
Try it, it’s worth it!

Our dedication is a declaration of love that is revealed in every bottle.

Our dedication is a declaration of love that is revealed in every bottle.

Would you like to see Constance in her element? Here is a first taste.

A few steps up the wide sandstone staircase will take you into the light-flooded ‘Wein Foyer’. Choose your favourite wines with us, taste them and take the Schlossgut Lüll wine home with you.


2 pm – 5 pm


10 am – 1 pm

Sunday (April to October)

10 am – 5 pm

Buy your Schlossgut Lüll wine in the comfort of your own home and simply order it in the webshop.

Wine, as even we would drink it

In our online shop, you will find the best Schlossgut Lüll wines you will ever drink.

Spontaneous wine tasting

During our ‘Wein Foyer’ opening hours, you have the opportunity to sample our range of wines in the cosy courtyard under the plane trees or in the historic park. We are happy to answer any questions and help with personalised recommendations. Try our

Triple flight with three wines

for 7 €

TAKE 5 with five wines

for 10 €

It’s uncomplicated, without booking. You are also welcome to come along with a larger group or outside opening hours by prior arrangement.
Discover Schlossgut Lüll during a wine experience with your friends, colleagues or guests.

Wine price list

Wine has been traditionally grown in Wachenheim in the Zellertal valley since 350 AD. Our vines in six vineyards benefit from the mild climate and develop their mineral-rich flavour thanks to the weathered limestone soils. In the castle’s own cellar, our wines develop their fresh, aromatic flavour through reductive aging until they are fully ripe for consumption.
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